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The late growth history of the terrestrial planets, from the last giant collisions with planetary embryos to the subsequent late bombardment with smaller objects, is of critical importance for understanding the early chemical differentiation processes and the evolution of the terrestrial planets.



Project area A will study the late accretion history of the terrestrial planets. The focus is on the Moon, because its record of early bombardment has been used to calibrate the cratering record of other solar system objects. ...

Chemical Budget

In project area B we will test the hypothesis that a few large planetesimals accreted soon after the formation of the Moon as the Earth’s late veneer....

Geodynamical Implications

Late accretion significantly affected the thermodynamic evolution and differentiation of the Earth, Moon and other terrestrial planets. The objective of project area C is to investigate ...

    TRR170 Database

    TRR170-DB is TRR 170's database where TRR 170 projects store their data products and publications. Also data of other planetary institutions are available. 

    IRTG Graduate Program

    The goal of the Integrated Research Training Group in planetary sciences is to provide support for and educate the next generation of planetary scientists from different disciplines. 

    Office & Coordination

    Z is the central administration project of the TRR170. Z provides for all TRR project members a framework to operate within the TRR.