Equal opportunities

​Gender Board



Gender equality representative

Prof. Dr. Doris Breuer

Institut für Planetenforschung,
DLR Berlin




Prof. Dr. Lena Noack

Institut für Geologische Wissenschaften,
FU Berlin







Dr. Sabrina Schwinger

Institut für Planetenforschung,
DLR Berlin




Dr. Thomas Haber

Institut für Mineralogie,
WWU Münster




Elfrun Lehmann

Institut für Geologische Wissenschaften,
FU Berlin


Philipp Kreielkamp

Institut für Geophysik,
WWU Münster



Tomke Lompa

Museum für Naturkunde,



All participating institutions regard equal opportunities and gender equality, i.e. an equal consideration of the different circumstances of both men and women in their teaching, research and career, as an important strategic objective. Gender mainstreaming is seen as a task anchored not only on the management level but also in the faculties, subjects and smaller teaching units. The implementation of equal opportunities for women and men follows clearly defined criteria and goals, and this is taken into account on all decision levels and within all status groups.

TRR 170 is committed to promoting equal working opportunities for all its participants, and besides the general guidelines and measures mentioned above, has strived specifically to increase the number of female scientists working within the programme. This is important because women are still underrepresented in planetary science, so the proportion of young female researchers in particular should be increased.



Funds cover expenses for gender equality and family-friendly measures such as:

  • to provide home offices to doctoral students who became parents. A home office allowed young parents to work on their project off-office hours and when day-care was not available,
  • to pay nanny services, especially when regular day-care hours could not cover for time at seminars and work-related meetings,
  • to support a trainer to conduct a training workshop on English at the I-Scientist conference in May 2018 (at FU Berlin). IScientist is a conference on gender, career paths and networking for and by students and young researchers in STEM science.
  • for coaching and childcare as well as workshops on mentoring and collegial advice (WWU Münster). At WWU Münster, funds were provided to a central account for gender equality measures. Bundling of funds makes it possible to provide a greater variety of measures and promotes networking of participants from different coordinated projects.



Workshops for female TRR 170 PhD students

  • Workshop Marion Knaths (sheboss, Hamburg) ”The Game of power” (April 2021)

Workshops funded by central gender equality measure of WWU Münster  for all female PhD students:

  • Dr. Kristina Böhlke (KEPOS) “Projektmanagement” (April & May 2021)
  • Dr. Kristina Böhlke (KEPOS) “Get visible and confident for an academic career in science” (September 2021)
  • Uschi Heidel (TRIO Service) und Heike Wegener (radio and TV journalist WDR, Deutsche Welle, director film and text) “Sichtbar werden: Moderne Wissenschaftskommunikation” (June 2021)