TRR-170 Seminar & Colloquium schedule

Winter semester 2021/22

19.10.2021 13.15-13.45 Cordula Haupt Petrological experiments as a tool to enlighten the history of the Lunar Magma Ocean (LMO)
01.11.2021 14.30-16.00 Caroline Brachmann Modelling Volcanic Gas Speciation and Atmospheric Composition on Terrestrial Planets
08.11.2021 14.30-16.00 Ana Cernok Lunar samples record an impact 4.2 billion years ago that may have formed the Serenitatis Basin
09.11.2021 13.15-13.45 Paul Pangritz The history of siderophile volatile elements in the Earth
22.11.2021 14.30-16.00 Charitra Jain Geodynamical insights into the formation, preservation, and recycling of Archean continents
29.11.2021 14.30-16.00 Ingrid Blanchard Core–Mantle Differentiation in the Lab: Insights from High Pressure–High Temperature Experiments
06.12.2021 14.30-16.00 Randolph Röhlen Impactor Fragmentation upon Impacts into Magma Oceans - Insights from Numerical Modelling
08.12.2021   Alexander Grayver  
15.12.2021   Yves Marrocchi  
03.01.2022 14.30-16.00 Yogita Kadlag Effects of irradiation on the early solar system
10.01.2022 14.30-16.00 Guillaume Florin FeNi metal condensation and evolution in the Early Solar System: a study of germanium isotopes and siderophile elements in Ordinary and Bencubbinite primitive chondrites
17.01.2022 14.30-16.00 Gregor Gobalek Desiccation in the solar system and beyond
24.01.2022 14.30-16.00 Claudia Szczech Combined analysis of Mercury's gravity and topography data
31.01.2022 14.30-16.00 Julie Salme Origin of moderately volatile element fractionations in carbonaceous chondrites
07.02.2022 14.30-16.00 Alexander Esau Towards the simulation of a giant steam atmosphere
14.02.2022 14.30-16.00 Ann-Kathrin Krämer Origin of moderately volatile elements in refractory inclusions of carbonaceous chondrites


Summer semester 2021

26.04.2021 14.30-16.00 Gianluigi Ortenzi Interior-surface-atmosphere interactions of rocky planets: simulation of volcanic outgassing and volatile chemical speciation in the C-O-H system
03.05.2021 14.30-16.00 Tiantian Liu Formation of Small Craters in the Lunar Regolith: How Do They Influence the Preservation of Ancient Melt at the Surface?
10.05.2021 14.30-16.00 Valeria Montejo Interior structure of lunar impact basins using altimetry and gravity data from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) and GRAIL mission
11.05.2021 13.15-13.45 Elias Wölfer Isotopic constraints on the age and origin of metal-rich carbonaceous chondrites
17.05.2021 14.30-16.00 Irene Bernt Mantle Dynamics of the Moon: Influence of mantle cumulate mixing after magma-ocean phase considering melt formation
18.05.2021 13.15-13.45 Thomas Haber Another tool in the box: Using Pb-Pb isochron dating on lunar impact generated rocks
19.05.2021 17.00-18.00 James Day Implications of impact melt compositions for a late bombardment 'cataclysm' to the Moon
26.05.2021 17.00-18.00 Seth Jacobson Searching in the asteroid belt for evidence of giant impacts beyond the Moon-forming impact
01.06.2021 13.15-13.45 Barbara Giuri Mercurian basin ages and Lunar light plains map
07.06.2021 14.30-16.00 Julia Schmidt Parameterizing a Model of Clinopyroxene/Melt Partition Coefficients to Higher Upper Mantle Pressures
08.06.2021 13.15-13.45 Imene Kerraouch  Detailed studies of constituents of some meteorite breccias
09.06.2021 17.00-18.00 Laurette Piani Earth's water may have been inherited from material similar to enstatite chondrite meteorites
14.06.2021 14.30-16.00 Max Collinet Temperature and composition of the mantle sources of primitive martian magmas as determined by a new melting model
15.06.2021 13.15-13.45 Jakob Storz Insights from graphite and diamond in meteorites – A multi-method approach
16.06.2021 17.00-18.00 Tim Lichtenberg Bifurcation of planetary building blocks during Solar System formation
21.06.2021 14.30-16.00 Meike Fischer Triple oxygen isotope comparison between Earth and Moon revisited
22.06.2021 13.15-13.45 Gregory Archer Assessing late accretion and core-mantle interaction with W and Mo isotopes of mantle-derived rocks
23.06.2021 17.00-18.00 Timo Hopp Origin of Fe isotope anomalies in meteorites and their constraints on Earth's accretion
29.06.2021 13.15-13.45 Cordula Haupt Experimental Exploration of the Lunar Magma Ocean - Before and After Overturn
30.06.2021 17.00-18.00 Paolo Sossi Stochastic accretion of the Earth
12.07.2021 14.30-16.00 Tobias Dürr The impact history of the Apollo 16 and 17 landing sites from resilient chronometers
13.07.2021 13.15-13.45 Martijn Klaver A Ca isotope perspective on lunar volcanism
20.07.2021 13.15-13.45 Astrid Oetting  Refinement of the lunar Production Function- Normalization of Data
21.07.2021 17.00-18.00 Yuqi Qian Local and Extoic Materials at the Chang'e-5 Landing Site