Christian Maas


TRR 170 Outstanding Paper Award 2021

The award was given during the TRR 170 Annual Retreat in Potsdam and honors a junior scientist that best exemplifies the science of the TRR 170. The awarded paper should be of interdisciplinary nature and covers more than one research area of TRR 170. The scientist was selected by voting of the TRR 170 project leaders.



Tiantian Liu


TRR 170 Young Scientist Award

The award was given during the TRR 170 Annual Retreat in Potsdam to honor the series of papers in highranking journals. This price was awarded by the TRR 170 spokesperson Prof. Dr. Harald Hiesinger to Tiantian Liu for publishing three papers in 2021 in high ranked journals.



Guillaume Florin

Best paper written by a French scientist in 2020.

The award was given by the Société Française des IsotopeS (SFIS) during their annual meeting in Spring 2022. The paper was published in Geochimica et Cosmochimica and is titled: Influence of redox processes on the germanium isotopic composition of ordinary chondrites.



Lena Noack

FU Berlin

Farinella Prize

Prof Lena Noack has been awarded jointly with Prof Diana Valencia the 2021 Paolo Farinella Prize for their significant contributions in our understanding of the interior structure and dynamics of terrestrial and super-Earth exoplanets.



Caroline Brachmann

DLR Berlin

EANA 2021 Poster Award for the poster titled:

Modeling the composition of volcanic gases on young terrestrial planets in the C - H - O -N - S system



Lena Noack

FU Berlin

EANA 2021 Presentation Award for the presentation:

Can plate tectonics lead to observational (exo-) planetary atmosphere?



Julia M. Schmidt

DLR Berlin

Best paper at the 13th International Conference on Advanced Geographic Information Systems, Applications, and Services, GEOProcessing 2021. The title of the paper is “Parametrising a Model of Clinopyroxene/Melt Partition Coefficients for Sodium to Higher Upper Mantle Pressures”.

Photo of Jan Hellmann


Dr. Jan L. Hellmann

WWU Münster

Pellas-Ryder Award for his paper 'Origin of volatile element depletion among carbonaceous chondrites' published in Earth & Planetary Science Letters (2020)






Dr. Maxime Maurice


TRR 170 Outstanding Paper Award for his Paper
'A long-lived magma ocean on a young Moon' in Science Advances (2020)



Dr. John Lee Grenfell

DLR Berlin

DLR senior science award





Prof. Dr. Lena Noack

FU Berlin


Teaching Award awarded by students from the geological sciences