Graduate Programme (IRTG)



H Hiesinger



Graduate programme director

Prof. Dr. Harald Hiesinger




IRTG Coordination

Dr. Carolyn van der Bogart & Dr. Iris Weber






Representative of the doctoral researchers

Jonas Schneider



Portrait image of Julia Schmidt



Deputy representative of the doctoral researchers

Julia Schmidt


The goal of the current and proposed Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) is to educate the next generation of planetary scientists with a background in different disciplines. As of 2023, the programme had 20 international doctoral students (Germany, France, Italy, and Mexico), 50% of whom are women. The doctoral students receive a certificate if they complete the course and seminar programme with 30 credit points. This certificate is a supplement to the university doctoral certificate.

The qualification programme comprises three key educational areas:

(1) Specialized seminars and courses focus on research-related skills, advanced methods, and topics related to planetary remote sensing, meteoritics, cosmochemistry, impact research, and planetary geophysics;

(2) Seminars and courses on planetary sciences topics are the main forum of intellectual exchange within the programme. Regular activities were the TRR seminars in Münster and Berlin (both accessible via videoconference), summer schools (2021: Impact processes in the solar system; 2022: Planetary geodynamics), and the annual meetings;

(3) Workshops on transferable skills


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