Lena Noack

Prof. Dr. Lena Noack

Freie Universität Berlin - Geochemistry

Principal Investigator



Main research interests

Mineral physics of planetary processes
Mantle convection and crust formation
Atmosphere build-up and habitability


  • Since 06/2017: Junior professor
    Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Earth Sciences, Berlin, Germany
  • 10/2012-05/2017: Post-doc position
    Royal Observatory of Belgium, Department Reference systems and Geodynamics, Brussels, Belgium
  • 10/2008-09/2012: Doctoral studies
    German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute for Planetary Research, Berlin, Germany
Selected papers


H. Lammer, M. Leitzinger, M. Scherf, P. Odert, C. Burger, D. Kubyshkina, C. Johnstone, T. Maindl, C. M. Schäfer, M. Güdel, N. Tosi, A. Nikolaou, E.,
Marcq, N. V. Erkaev, L. Noack, K. G. Kislyakova, L. Fossati, E., Pilat-Lohinger, F. Ragossnig, E. A. Dorfi 2020: Measured atmospheric 36Ar/38Ar,
20Ne/22Ne noble gas isotope and bulk K/U ratios constrain the early evolution of Venus and Earth.
Icarus, 339, 113551, 1-25.

A.D. Del Genio, D. Brain, L. Noack, L. Schaefer 2020: The Inner Solar System’s Habitability Through Time. Book chapter in "Planetary Astrobiology",
pp. 419-447, Eds. Victoria Meadows, Giada Arney, David J. Des Marais, Britney Schmidt", link, University of Arizona Press, Tuscan,
DOI: 10.2458/azu_uapress_9780816540068-ch016


H. Lammer, A.L. Zerkle, S. Gebauer, N. Tosi, L. Noack, M. Scherf, E., Pilat-Lohinger, M. Güdel, J.L. Grenfell, M. Godolt, A. Nikolaou 2018:
Origin and evolution of the atmospheres of early Venus, Earth and Mars
The Astronomy and Astrophysics Review, 26:2, 72 pages,


Noack, L., Rivoldini, A., Van Hoolst, T., 2017: Volcanism and outgassing of stagnant-lid planets: Implications for the habitable zone.
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, Vol. 269, pp. 40-57.


Noack, L., Höning, D., Rivoldini, A., Heistracher, C., Zimov, N., Journaux, B., Lammer, H., Van Hoolst, T., Bredehöft, J. H., 2016: Water-rich planets:
how habitable is a water layer deeper than on Earth?
. Icarus, Vol. 277: 215-236.


Noack, L., Godolt, M., von Paris, P., Plesa, A.-C., Stracke, B., Breuer, D., Rauer, H.,
2014: Constraints on planetary habitability from interior modeling.
PSS, special issue "Planetary evolution and life", doi: 10.1016/j.pss.2014.01.003, 98, 14-29.

Noack, L. and D. Breuer, 2014: Plate tectonics on rocky exoplanets: Influence of initial conditions and rheology. PSS, special issue "Planetary evolution and life", doi: 10.1016/j.pss.2013.06.020, 98, 41-49.