Profile picture of Edgar Steenstra

Dr. Edgar Steenstra

Uni Münster – Mineralogy

Time Period: Feb–May 2021
Associated TRR 170 Projects: C1, B2
Host: Stephan Klemme (WWU)

Project Title: Quantitative assessment of the role of sulfides in establishing the geochemistry of the planetary mantle


My research interests lie in geochemical studies of planet accretion and subsequent magmatic differentiation. I am particularly interested in constraining the indigenous abundances and distribution of iron-loving (siderophile) and sulfide-loving (chalcophile) elements between silicates, sulfides, metals and during degassing processes, as well as the evolution of volatiles in planetary bodies. To this end, I (have) use(d) high pressure-temperature experimental equipment (piston cylinder press, multi-anvil press, LH-DAC), furnaces and a wide range of analytical equipment (electron microprobe, LA-ICP-MS, MC-ICP-MS, Raman, in-situ X-Ray absorption techniques). I have applied my research to the Earth, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Vesta and suites of achondrite meteorites, including the angrites and the aubrites. 

I obtained my PhD (cum laude) with Prof. Dr. W. van Westrenen after which I spent 2 years as a Carnegie Postdoctoral Fellow at the Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington D.C. Within the TRR-170 project, I hope to shed more lights into the degassing behavior of elements from metal melts, in collaboration with Dr. Renggli, and apply this to volatile element depletions in iron meteorite suites. I also work on a wide range of side projects, including (1) elemental coordination in silicate melts, (2) distribution of halogens during magmatic differentiation, (3) partial melting / stability experiments, (4) highly siderophile and chalcophile element partitioning behavior and (5) sulfide ore petrogenesis.