Christian Renggli

Dr. Christian Renggli

Uni Münster - Mineralogy

Institut für Mineralogie, Corrensstraße 24, D-48149 Münster, Tel: +49 251 83-33452

About Me

I am originally from Bern, Switzerland, studied in Munich and obtained a PhD from the Australian National University in Canberra. I came to Münster directly after completing my PhD in 2018 and have since worked closely with the TRR 170.

My main research interest lies in the properties and behavior of hot gases in terrestrial and planetary processes, and the gas-solid reactions involved. Recently I have worked on gas-solid reactions and metal transport processes in fumarolic systems, both on Earth and on the Moon, by applying novel experimental methods. In an ongoing project I investigate the formation of sulfides at highly reducing conditions and in low pressure environments relevant for Mercury and enstatite chondrites.

Within the TRR 170 I am involved in project B7, studying the volatilization and degassing behavior of moderately volatile chemical elements including Zn, Cu, S, Se and Ge. We also study the associated stable isotope fractionation of some of these elements. Furthermore, we investigate the degassing of moderately volatile elements from metallic melts at high temperature and under vacuum.

I am currently involved in a group of postdocs across the WWU with the aim to build a Postdoc Network at the university. I am also a member of the university orchestra Collegium Musicum Instrumentale, where I play the Cello.