Christian Renggli

Dr. Christian Renggli

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster - Planetology


My main research interest lies in the properties and behavior of hot gases in terrestrial and planetary processes, and the gas-solid reactions involved. In my PhD at the Australian National University I studied gas-solid reactions between SO2 gas and silicate glasses, melts and minerals, to understand how sulfur is scavenged in the sub-volcanic environment and in explosive volcanic eruptions. More recently I have worked on gas-solid reactions and metal transport processes in fumarolic systems, both on Earth and on the Moon, by applying novel experimental methods. In an ongoing project I investigate the formation of sulfides at highly reducing conditions and in low pressure environments relevant for Mercury and enstatite chondrites. Over the coming years I will apply experiments to study kinetic and equilibrium stable isotope fractionation in gas-solid reactions, specifically degassing from silicate melts relevant for processes in magma oceans and planetary nebulae. I am currently involved in a group of postdocs across the WWU with the aim to establish a Postdoc Association at the university later this year. I am also a member of the university orchestra Collegium Musicum Instrumentale, where I play the Cello.