winter term 2019/20

TRR 170 Seminar winter term 2019/20

Late Accretion onto Terrestrial Planets

at Campus Lankwitz, Building C, room C014.

21.10. Mario Fischer-Gödde (Universität Köln): The Archean rock record of late accretion - new constraints from the Ru isotope composition of the pre-late veneer mantle.

28.10. No seminar (Paneth Kolloquium / TRR 170 Annual Retreat)

04.11. Daniel Wahl (TU Berlin): Porosity structure of lunar impact basins.

05.11. (Tuesday! 16:00-17:30, Room C 014) Robbin Visser (FU Berlin): Characterizing volatile-rich clasts to constrain early parent body hydrothermal alteration processes.

18.11. Ninja Braukmüller (Universität Köln): Volatile element depletion in Earth and carbonaceous chondrites.

25.11. Csilla Orgel (FU Berlin): Re-examination of the population, stratigraphy, and sequence of mercurian basins: Implications for Mercury´s early impact history and  comparison with the Moon.

02.12. Sebastian Hackler (WWU Münster): Earth: a Habitable Planet

09.12. Dennis Vanderliek (FU Berlin):

16.12. tba

21.12.2019 – 04.01.2020 No seminar (winter break)

06.01. tba

13.01. Franziska Schmid (FU Berlin):

23.01. (Joint event with Geo-Kolloquium, Thursday! 16:15-17:15, Room C 011) Mario Trieloff (Universität Heidelberg): Interstellar dust.

24.01. (Friday! 11:00-12:30, Room C 011) Mario Trieloff (Universität Heidelberg): Origin of volatile elements of the Earth.

27.01. Greg Archer (WWU Münster): Tungsten isotopic anomalies in the mantle: Implications for Earth's accretionary history.

03.02. Gianluigi Ortenzi (DLR): Volatile transition from the interior to the atmosphere during the early Earth.

10.02. Julia Schmidt (FU Berlin):

TRR170 doctoral Students should give a seminar talk once a year and will receive 3 credit points for active seminar participation (i. e. giving a talk). Regular attendance by TRR 170 doctoral students is expected. The seminar will also be used to communicate information relevant for members of TRR 170.
Please provide titles of talks and send suggestions for invited speakers in SoSe 18 and WS 18/19.