Jakob Storz

Jakob Storz

WWU Münster - Planetology

Doctoral Student



About Me

Since 2020, I am working at the Institut für Planetologie (WWU Münster), where I previously obtained my Master's degree. One major aspect of my work is the isotopic characterization of volatile-rich components, and to evaluate their relevance for the volatile element inventory of terrestrial planets. Volatile-rich clasts found in meteoritic breccias are of special interest in this context. My latest work focuses on the carbon allotropes graphite and diamond, as well as on detecting impactor signatures in lunar meteorites.


Storz J., Ludwig T., Bischoff A., Schwarz W. H. and Trieloff M. (2021): Graphite in ureilites, enstatite chondrites, and unique clasts in ordinary chondrites – Insights from the carbon-isotope composition, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 307, 86–104.