Dr. Sabine Hunze

Dr. Sabine Hunze

WWU Münster - Planetology



My motivation as the scientific coordinator of TRR 170 is the organization, communication, and documentation to support the scientists at the interface between science and administration. I have been working as a science manager since 2013 and I used to organize the TRR 61 (nanotechnology and self-organization) at the WWU physics department in cooperation with physicists and chemists from Münster and Beijing.
My scientific background: I studied geology in Bonn and Aachen and did my PhD in applied geophysics in Hannover with the main focus on downhole logging, log interpretation, and marine sedimentology.
In my free time I do Gongkwon Yusul (Korean martial arts) as well as running.


  • Since 02/2020: TRR 170 scientific coordinator
    WWU Münster - Planetology, Münster, Germany
  • 07/2013-01/2020: TRR 61 (Multilevel molecular assemblies: Structure, dynamics and function) scientific coordinator
    WWU Münster - Institute of Physics (Prof. Harald Fuchs), Münster, Germany