Christian surfing a wave

Christian A. Jansen

Uni Münster - Planetology


Wilhelm-Klemm-Strasse 10, D-48149 Münster, Germany

About Me

I recently completed my Master's degree in geosciences at the University of Münster.

Within the TRR 170, I’m responsible for managing and updating this website's content.

My main research interests are

  • the dynamical evolution of the protoplanetary accretion disk
  • nucleosynthetic isotope anomalies in meteorites and their components
  • chondrule formation processes and reworking in the disk
TRR170-related publications


Hellmann, J.L., Schneider, J.M., Wölfer, E., Drążkowska, J., Jansen, C.A., Hopp, T., Burkhardt, C., Kleine, T. (2023): Origin of isotopic diversity among carbonaceous chondrites. Astrophys. J. Lett., 946, L34. Publication


Bischoff A., Patzek, M., Peters, S.T.M., Barrat, J.-A., Di Rocco, T., Pack, A., Ebert, S., Jansen, C.A., Kmieciak, K. (2022): The chondrite breccia of Antonin (L4-5) – a new meteorite fall from Poland with a heterogeneous distribution of metal. Meteorit. Planet. Sci., 57, 2127-2142. Publication