me in front of Etna on Sicily

Cordula Haupt

Uni Münster - Petrology 

Doctoral Student

My career as a geologist started at the Universität Potsdam (Germany) and I achieved my Master degree at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. In the course of my PhD I will experimentally determine partition coefficients of key elements between clinopyroxene and melts of lunar composition, to refine existing models of the lunar magma ocean in cooperation with geophysicists of the DLR, Berlin. This PhD gives me the chance to participate in a research program which is of great interest to me. Contributing to a multi-approach scientific project which aspires to understand late accretion processes is a unique chance. Besides cosmogeochemistry and experimental petrology, I am also interested in volcanology, sedimentology and hydrothermal processes.

Current experimental setups I use:

- 1-atm vertical gas-mixing furnaces

- piston cylinder (Boyd-England high pressure apparatus)

During my PhD I am especially interested in processes inside the lunar magma ocean (LMO).



C.P. Haupt, C.J. Renggli, M. Klaver, E.S. Steenstra, J. Berndt, A. Rohrbach, S. Klemme (2023): Experimental and petrological investigations into the origin of the lunar Chang'e 5 basalts, Icarus.