Winter Term 2018/19

TRR 170 Seminar Winter Term 2018/19

Late Accretion onto Terrestrial Planets

at Campus Lankwitz, Building C, room C014.

15.10. No seminar

22.10. Gianluigi Ortenzi (DLR): Volatile chemical speciation and volcanic outgassing of magma oceans.

29.10. Daniel Wahl (TUB): High resolution bulk density map of the lunar crust.

05.11. Csilla Orgel (FUB): Re-examination of the population, stratigraphy, and sequence of Mercurian basins: Implications for Mercury's early impact history and comparison with the Moon.

12.11. Dennis Vanderliek (FUB): Impact-induced Resetting and Growth of Zircons in Lunar reccias at 4.2 Ga: Evidence from the Apollo 15 and 16 Landing Sites.

19.11. Dr. Emily Worsham (WWU): Genetic tracing of meteorite parent bodies and impactors using Mo and Ru isotopes.

26.11. Dr. Sabrina Schwinger (DLR): Modeling Lunar Magma Ocean Crystallization.


10.12. No seminar (AGU Fall Meeting)

17.12. No seminar

22.12.2018 - 04.01.2019 No seminar (winter break)

07.01. No Seminar (PI meeting in Münster)

14.01. Thomas Wiesehöfer (WWU): Modelling the Dynamics of Magma Ocean Solidification.

21.01. Prof. Rebecca Fischer (Harvard - Earth and Planetary Sciences): tba

28.01. Dr. Philipp Gleissner (FUB): Geochemical tracing of late accretion in lunar rocks.

04.02. Dr. Nisha Katyal (DLR): Evolution and spectral response of a steam atmosphere for early Earth with a coupled climate-interior model.

11.02. Tomke Lompa (MfN): How do impactor and target properties effect the formation of basin structures of the moon

TRR170 doctoral Students should give a seminar talk once a year and will receive 3 credit points for active seminar participation (i. e. giving a talk). Regular attendance by TRR 170 doctoral students is expected. The seminar will also be used to communicate information relevant for members of TRR 170.
Please provide titles of talks and send suggestions for invited speakers in SoSe 18 and WS 18/19 to!