Summer term 2018/19

TRR 170 Seminar Winter Term 2018/19

Late Accretion onto Terrestrial Planets

at Campus Lankwitz, Building C, room C014.

08.04.      Tomke Lompa (MfN): How do impactor and target properties effect the formation

                of basin structures on the Moon.

15.04.      Christian Riedel (FUB): Modeling the formation of the lunar highlands under the influence of diffusive

                crater degradation.

22.04.      No seminar (Easter Monday)

29.04.      No seminar (vacation day before May 1)

06.05.      Tiantian Liu (TUB): Lunar megaregolith mixing by impacts: spatial diffusion of basin melt

                and its implications for future sampling.

13.05.      Lukas Manske (MfN): Production and provenience of impact-generated melt by large scale collisions.

20.05.      Thomas Haber (WWU): 50 Years after the Giant Leap - Why do Apollo Impact Rocks still need dating ?

27.05.      Nisha Katyal (DLR): Effect of H2O, CO2 and H2 outgassing on evolution of early

                Earth's atmosphere. (09:30)

03.06.      Robbin Visser (FUB): Characterization of volatile-rich clasts and their relation to

                carbonaceous chondrites.

10.06.      No seminar (Pentecost)

17.06.      Franziska Schmid (FUB): tba

24.06.      Caleb Fassett (NASA): The Rate of Surface Evolution on the Moon and Mercury.

01.07.      Natasha Artemieva (Planetary Science Insitute): tba

08.07.      Rebecca Fisher (Harvard University): tba


TRR170 doctoral Students should give a seminar talk once a year and will receive 3 credit points for active seminar participation (i. e. giving a talk). Regular attendance by TRR 170 doctoral students is expected. The seminar will also be used to communicate information relevant for members of TRR 170.
Please provide titles of talks and send suggestions for invited speakers in SoSe 18 and WS 18/19 to!