Summer Term 2018

TRR 170 Seminar Summer Term 2018

Late Accretion onto Terrestrial Planets

at Campus Lankwitz, Building C, room C014.

19.04. (Thursday! 16:15-17:30, Room C 011) Kerstin Lehnert (Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory Research): "Research data management - Open & FAIR: The Liberation of Research Data and Samples."

23.04. Elisabeth Fürst (FUB): What was the structure of parent bodies of undifferentiated meteorites?

30.04. No seminar (day before Labor Day).

07.05. Robbin Visser (FUB Mineralogy): Sulfur isotopes in carbonaceous chondrites and volatile-rich clasts.

14.05. Elisabeth Fürst (FUB): What was the structure of parent bodies of undifferentiated meteorites?

21.05. No seminar (Ascension Day) 28.05. Tiantian Liu (TUB Geodesy and Geoinformation): Evolving distribution of melt component at the lunar near-surface and its relation to the bombardment history.

04.06. Christian Riedel (FUB Planetology): Crater size-frequency distribution measurements with CSFD Tools. 11.06. Lukas Manske (MfN-Berlin): Impact-Induced Melting during Collisions of Cosmic Bodies.

18.06. Alan D. Brandon (University of Houston): Differentiation of Martian Shergottite Magmas.

21.06. (Thursday! 16:15-17:30, Room C 011) Anne H. Peslier (Jacobs at NASA Johnson Space Center Houston): Water in the Martian interior.

25.06. No seminar (TRR 170 Summer School)


09.07. Franziska Schmid (FUB Geochemistry): Sulfur isotope composition of the Earth

16.07. Nicole Güldemeister (MfN-Berlin): Numerical modeling from small to large scales to study giant impact collisions."

TRR170 doctoral Students should give a seminar talk once a year and will receive 3 credit points for active seminar participation (i. e. giving a talk). Regular attendance by TRR 170 doctoral students is expected. The seminar will also be used to communicate information relevant for members of TRR 170.
Please provide titles of talks and send suggestions for invited speakers in SoSe 18 and WS 18/19 to!