Summer Term 2017

TRR 170 Seminar Summer Term 2017

Late Accretion onto Terrestrial Planets

at Campus Lankwitz, Building C, room C014.

08.05. Robert Luther (MfN): Ejecta deposition on planetary surfaces - numerical impact modelling.

15.05. Nisha Katyal (TUB Astronomy & Astrophysics/DLR): Evolution of steam atmosphere with interior-atmospheric interactions for early Earth and other terrestrial planets.

22.05. Miki Nakajima (Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Science): Origin of the Earth and Moon.

29.05. Christian Riedel (FUB Planetology): Crater counting on heavily cratered surfaces: The implementation of non-sparseness correction in a new GIS tool for planetary surface dating.

05.06. No seminar (Holiday)

12.06. Robbin Visser (FUB Mineralogy): The hidden secrets inside shooting stars.

19.06. No seminar (Summer School Nördlingen)

26.06. Franziska Schmid (FUB Geochemistry): Stable isotope geochemistry of the Earth´s mantle.

Lukas Manske (MfN): Generation of impact melt by giant impacts during late accretion onto terrestrial planets.

03.07. Tiantian Liu (FUB Planetology/TUB Planet. Geodesy): 2D models for the evolving distribution of impact melt at the lunar near-surface. (moved from 05.06.)

06.07. (Thursday! 16:15-17:30, Room C 011) Mark Wieczorek (Observatoire de la Cote d’ Azur):  Recent results from NASA lunar gravity mapping mission GRAIL

10.07. Menghua Zhu (MfN, Macau University of Science and Technology): The formation of South Pole-Aitken Basin on the Moon: Insights from the numerical modeling

17.07. Tim Elliott (University of Bristol, UK): tba

TRR170 doctoral Students should give a seminar talk once a year and will receive 3 credit points for active seminar participation (i. e. giving a talk). Regular attendance by TRR 170 doctoral students is expected. The seminar will also be used to communicate information relevant for members of TRR 170.
Please provide titles of talks and send suggestions for invited speakers in SoSe 18 and WS 18/19 to!