17. Apr 18

Analytical Capabilities of LA-ICP-TOFMS & Experimental Investigation of Saline Fluids in the

Earth's Mantle  Yannick Bussweiler

24. Apr 18

Building your own Planet, an experimental approach  Dominik Loroch

01. Mai 18  (No seminar)
08. Mai 18

Genetic tracing of meteorite parent bodies and impactors using Mo and Ru isotopes

with implications for the isotopic evolution of the protoplanetary disk  Emily Worsham

15. Mai 18

High pressure Ruthenium isotope fractionation experiments  Tobias Grützner

22. Mai 18  (No seminar - Pfingstferien)
29. Mai 18

Origin of 182W Excesses in Pilbara Komatiites and Basalts  Greg Archer

05. Jun 18 OPEN
12. Jun 18

Going beyond 3.9 Ga - How to date pre-Imbrium lunar impact rocks  Thomas Haber

19. Jun 18

In Situ U-Pb Dating of Ancient Lunar Impactites Dennis Vanderliek

26. Jun 18  (No seminar - TRR Summer School
03. Jul 18

Tellurium stable isotope fractionation and the role of  core formation and late accretion 

Jan Hellmann

17. Jul 18

Geology and Crater Size-Frequency Distributions  of the Apollo 15 Landing Site 

Wajiha Iqbal