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Barbara Giuri

WWU Münster - Planetology

Doctoral Student

I believe my scientific career started in 2005 when I attended the NASA Astronaut training camp in Huntsville (Alabama, USA). I was fascinated by the magnitude of scientific knowledge and sense of discovery and exploration, that I pursued my BSc in Planetary Science with Astronomy in London (UK) following an MSc in Geochemistry in the same institution. As a PhD student, the focus of my project will be producing a new inventory of impact basins on Mercury, as well as carrying out comparative studies of light plains on Mercury and the Moon. TRR 170 gave me the opportunity to continue my planetary career, in an interdisciplinary group and in an exciting new city, Muenster.
Despite all the science, I am also very fond of sports, Arts and Languages. I have been a competitive athlete all my live from dancing, martial arts and fitness modelling. I enjoy hand drawing, reading, keeping healthy and active, trying new activities and finding new hobbies!