Lunar Chronology Function found to be accurate

apollo 11
Position of Apollo 11 landing module shown on LRO NAC data. 
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BBC magazine “Sky at Night” published an article “How scientists estimate the ages of planetary surfaces” about the initial results of the TRR A2 project taking place in the University of Münster. The article is based on the work of Wajiha Iqbal and Harald Hiesinger originally published in the journal “Icarus”. The comprehensive studies to test the lunar cratering chronology proposed by Gerhard Neukum in 1983 found this model to be accurate to determine the ages of the unsampled geological units throughout the Solar system bodies.

Original publication:
Iqbal W., Hiesinger H., van der Bogert C.H. (2019): Geological mapping and chronology of the lunar landing sites: Apollo 11. Icarus, 333, 528-547. Link