Markus Patzek received Brian-Mason-Award

Markus Patzek, PhD student at the Institute of Planetologie (University of Münster, Germany) received the Brian Mason Award (1,500 $) for his abstract presented at the Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society in Moscow (July 22. – 27., 2018).

This award honors young PhD students and is sponsored by the “Meteorite Times Magazine” and the „International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA)“. Markus reports the discovery of volatile-rich fragments in brecciated meteorites that are different in their mineralogical and isotopical composition from CI chondrites. This result indicates a larger variability of primitive CI-like material in the early Solar System 4.5 billion years ago. The new discovered fragments are important to understand the composition of building blocks of terrestrial planets.

(Photo by A. Bischoff, WWU)


Guests at WWU Münster

Michael Bizimis of the University of South Carolina is visiting Andreas Stracke’s group. Christian Renggl from the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia, is a postdoc with Stephan Klemme's group.



#EPSC2018 on Twitter The European Planetary Science Congress 2018,TU Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 16–21 September 2018.

The European Planetary Science Congress 2018 will take place at the TU Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 
16–21 September 2018.

This attractive location provides a platform to exchange and present results, develop new ideas and to network amongst the worldwide planetary sciences community. It will have a distinctively interactive style, with an extensive mix of talks, workshops and posters, intended to provide a stimulating environment for the community to meet. The meeting will cover the entire scope of the planetary sciences.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Aims & scope

The intention of the European Planetary Science Congress 2018 is to cover a broad area of science topics related to planetary science and planetary missions. The programme of the congress will contain oral and poster sessions, and it will emphasize workshops and panel discussions in order to have a strong interaction between the participants.

The Scientific Organizing Committee of the EPSC2018 invites all planetary scientists to participate in the congress, submit contributions to the topical sessions and share their research with colleagues and friends. We look forward to welcoming you in Berlin, Germany.