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ERC Consolidator Grant to Prof. Lena Noack

European Research Council Funds Planetologist Prof. Dr. Lena Noack with ERC Consolidator Grant

Wiley Award to Randolph Röhlen

Congratulations to Randolph Röhlen on receiving the Wiley Award for 2022!

Summer School Braunschweig 2022

Summer School Braunschweig
October 4-8, 2022


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Barringer Award to Prof. Kai Wünnemann

Congratulations to Kai Wünnemann on receiving the Barringer Award for 2022!

Meteoritic evidence for very early volcanism in the nascent solar system

Scientists from Freie Universität Berlin, among others, have published the results of a new determination of the crystallization age of 4566.6 ± 0.6 million years for a meteorite called Erg Chech 002 (EC 002).

Annual Retreat Potsdam 2022

Annual Retreat Potsdam
May 4-6, 2022

Organic compounds and salt deposits found in Urvara crater on Ceres

Dwarf planet Ceres: Organic compounds and salt deposits in the Urvara impact crater


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Twitter: We are back!

We are back on twitter!
Check us out!


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Doctorate Christian Riedel

Congratulations to Christian Riedel on his doctorate!

Doctorate Stamatis Flemetakis

Congratulations to Stamatis Flemetakis on his doctorate!

Doctorate Gianluigi Ortenzi

Congratulations to Gianluigi Ortenzi on his doctorate!

Pellas-Ryder award to Jan L. Hellmann

Congratulations to Jan Hellmann on receiving the Pellas-Ryder award for 2021!


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Flensburg meteorite (ZDF Terra Xpress)

Television report about the Flensburg meteorite as part of the german TV science program ZDF terra Xpress. With the participation of Prof. Addi Bischoff, Dr. Markus Patzek and Ulla Heitmann of the University of Münster.



Doctorate Daniel Wahl

Congratulations to Daniel Wahl on his doctorate!

Doctorate Jan Hellmann

Congratulations to Jan Hellmann on his doctorate!

Doctorate Tiantian Liu

Congratulations to Tiantian Liu on her doctorate!


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Doctorate Markus Patzek

Congratulations to Markus Patzek on his doctorate!

Doctorate Csilla Orgel

Congratulations to Csilla Orgel on her doctorate!

Largest stony meteorite of Germany found

Researchers at the University of Münster confirm: "Blaubeuren" is the result of a cosmic collision.

The Moon is younger than previously thought

The Moon formed a little later than previously assumed. When a Mars-sized protoplanet was destroyed in a collision with the young Earth, a new body was created from the debris ejected during this catastrophe – the Moon.


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Lunar Chronology Function found to be accurate

BBC magazine “Sky at Night” published an article “How scientists estimate the ages of planetary surfaces” about the initial results of the TRR A2 project taking place in the University of Münster. The article is based on the work of Wajiha Iqbal and Harald Hiesinger originally published in the journal “Icarus”.

Second funding period

Second funding period approved
TRR 170 receives another four years of support and started January 2020.

Meeting calendar

May 03-08, 2020 EGU 2020, Vienna
Aug 09-14, 2020 MetSoc Glasgow, UK
Jun 21.-26, 2020 Goldschmidt Hawaii

Meteorite Flensburg

Meteorite Flensburg
First results on the Flensburg Meteorite fall

Traces of water found in Flensburg Meteorite

Television report by 3Sat about the finding of the Flensburg meteorite and its implications for the origin of water on Earth (in German).


"Sensation Meteorite Fall" in Flensburg

Planetary researchers of the University of Münster show: The meteorite contains minerals that were formed with the participation of water in the early phase of the solar system.

Doctorate Robbin Visser

Congratulations to Robbin Visser on his doctorate!

Goldschmidt 2019

The Goldschmidt Conference 2019 takes place in Barcelona (Spain) from August 18 - 23, 2019. 

Mercury Transit

Around 13 times per century, Mercury passes between Earth and the sun in a rare astronomical event known as a planetary transit. Youtube


News on the bombardment history of Earth and Moon

How did Earth evolve from a hostile planet that was covered by lava to a habitable planet ...

FU Berlin press release hereNature 

Early arrival of water on Earth

Nature press release: Findings of planetologists in Münster contradict hypothesis of a late cometary origin ...