Doctorate Markus Patzek

Congratulations to Markus Patzek on his doctorate!


Read our first TRR 170 newsletter of the second funding period

Second funding period

Second funding period approved
TRR 170 receives another four years of support and started January 2020.

Meeting calendar

May 03-08, 2020 EGU 2020, Vienna
Aug 09-14, 2020 MetSoc Glasgow, UK
Jun 21.-26, 2020 Goldschmidt Hawaii

Meteorite Flensburg

Meteorite Flensburg
First results on the Flensburg Meteorite fall

Goldschmidt 2019

The Goldschmidt Conference 2019 takes place in Barcelona (Spain) from August 18 - 23, 2019. 

Mercury Transit

Around 13 times per century, Mercury passes between Earth and the sun in a rare astronomical event known as a planetary transit. Youtube


News on the bombardment history of Earth and Moon

How did Earth evolve from a hostile planet that was covered by lava to a habitable planet ...

FU Berlin press release hereNature 

Early arrival of water on Earth

Nature press release: Findings of planetologists in Münster contradict hypothesis of a late cometary origin ...