IRTG fellowships 2016-2019


Project title

Associated TRR 170 project



Qualification fellowships

Defrance, Marion Radiognic and nucleosynthetic chromium isotope variations   Harry Becker Aug-Dec 2019
Guimond, Claire Early Earth as an exoplanet. C6 Lena Noack, FUB Jan-July 2019

Kerraouch, Imene

Chondritic xenolith in the Murchison (CM) chondrite –formation by fluid-assisted percolation during metasomatism?


Addi Bischoff, WWU

Jan 2019

Postdoc and senior scientist fellowships (Stipends of 1 month and more)

Li, Chunhui

Highly siderophile and strongly chalcophile elements in the Archean mantle-crust system


Harry Becker, FUB

March 2016 – Sept. 2016

Secchiari, Arianna

Sulfur and other chalcophile elements in the New Caledonia ophiolite


Harry Becker, FUB

Oct 2016-May 2017

Sikdar, Jinia

Si and Fe isotopic variations in enstatite chondrites


Harry Becker, FUB

Aug 2017-July 2018

Zhu, Menghua

Modelling mass retention and accretion on the Moon


Kai Wünnemann, MfN

May & Jun 2017; July 2018/2019

Tatzel, Michael

In situ Si isotope variations in EH and CV chondrites


Harry Becker, FUB

July-Dec 2016

Bashilevskiy, Alexander

Age distributions of lunar impactites


Thomas Kneissl, Harry Becker, FUB

Aug 2016 & 2017; Aug & Sept 2018; April & May 2019

Simon Hohl

Siderophile volatile elements in chondrites


Harry Becker, FUB

November 2018, July/August 2019

Timmerman, Suzette

S isotopes in basalts


Andreas Stracke, WWU

Jan-June 2019

Steenstra, Edgar

Quantitative assessment of the role of sulfides in establishing the geochemistry of the planetary mantle


Stephan Klemme, WWU

Oct-Dec 2018

*exploratory research related to TRR 170.