Information and Data Infrastructure (INF) Project

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The Information and Data Infrastructure (INF) Project manages research data generated in the TRR 170 subprojects. This data is diverse reflecting the range of methods used, including laboratory and other instrumental data on planetary samples, remote sensing data, geological maps, and model simulations. Accordingly, the strong interdisciplinary alignment of the TRR 170 research network comprises heterogeneous data and different data formats. Most datasets stored in the TRR170-DB repository are used by TRR 170 authors of articles appearing in international journals. These replication datasets are made freely available, and no special permission is required to use them.

The concept of research data management evolved in 2010 when the Alliance of Science Organisations (Allianz der Wissenschaftsorganisationen) in Germany responded to the increasing amount of research data by adopting the ‘Principles for the Handling of Research Data’ (Alliance of Science Organisations, 2010). In 2015, the German Research Foundation followed suit and aligned its ‘Guidelines on the Handling of Research Data’ with these ‘Principles’. In accordance with DFG’s ‘Guidelines’, the collaborative research center TRR 170 has adopted a policy how to manage long-term archiving and accessibility of its research data.

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Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Harry Becker

Scientific Data Management: Elfrun Lehmann