Hodenhagen - „Planetary Geodynamics"

This year's Winter School took place at Hodenhagen, Nov 21 to 23, 2016.

Lectures content will be available in January 2017.

Participants of the Winter School 2016 at Hodenhagen.Winter School 2016


TRR 170 Winter School Planetary Geodynamics

20th November to 23th November 2016


Sunday, 20th November

19:00 - 21:00            Icebreaker (Soft drinks, Wine, Beer and Finger Food)

Monday, 21st November


9:00          Geodynamical processes: Basic physical concepts and equations I (Ulrich Hansen)

10:00          Coffee break

10:15          Geodynamical processes: Basic physical concepts and equations II (Ulrich Hansen)

11:15          Coffee break

11:30          Mathematical modelling - choice of parameters, methods, parameters and scaling (Claudia Stein)

12:30          Lunch

14:00          Thermo-chemical evolution of terrestrial planets I  (Doris Breuer)

15:15          Coffee break

15:30          Thermo-chemical evolution of terrestrial planets II  (Doris Breuer)

16:30          Coffee break

16:45          Exercises on dynamics & thermal evolution  (Plesa, Breuer et al.)

19:00          Dinner

Tuesday, 22nd November


9:00          The solar system (Mario Fischer-Gödde)

9:30          Meteorite classification and meteorite forming processes (Markus Patzek)

10:15         Coffee break

10:30        Nucleosynthetic anomalies in planetary materials  (Christoph Burkhardt)

11:00          Basic concepts in Geochemistry (Erik Scherer)

12:30          Lunch

14:00          Exercises (Eric Scherer, Andreas Stracke, postdocs)

15:30          Coffee break

15:45           Geochemical models of planetary formation and evolution

(Herbert Palme)

16:45          Coffee break

17:15           Exercises (Herbert Palme, postdocs)

19:00          Dinner


Wednesday, 23nd November

9:00           Accretion models (Alessandro Morbidelli)

10:00          Coffee break

10:15           Composition of the terrestrial planets (Herbert Palme)

11:15            Coffee break

11:30           Core formation processes in large and small bodies  (Henri Samuel)

12:30          Lunch

14:00          Geochemical aspects of core formation (David Rubie)

15:15           Coffee break

15:30           Magma ocean dynamics and crystallization (Slava Solomatov)

16:30           Coffee break

16:45           Discussion of specific topics and key hypothesis with the speakers

19:00           Dinner