170 Seminar WS 2017/18

TRR 170 Seminar WS 2017/18

Late Accretion onto Terrestrial Planets

at Campus Lankwitz, Building C, room C014.

16.10. No seminar

23.10. Greg Michael (FUB Planetology): Lunar regolith mixing by impacts: what trace might be left of a possible cataclysm?

30.10. No seminar

06.11. Francis Nimmo (UC Santa Cruz): Probing the dynamics of planet formation using isotopes.

13.11. Markus Patzek (WWU Planetology): Volatile-rich Clasts in Howardites and Polymict Ureilites – Carriers of Deuterium-enriched Waters not sampled by Individual Meteorites.

20.11. Cédric Gillmann (Royal Observatory of Belgium): The evolution of Venus: why so different from Earth.

27.11. Daniel Wahl (TUB Planetary Geodesy): Lunar impact basin inventories.

04.12. Conel Alexander (DTM, Carnegie Institution of Science): Elemental and isotopic fractions in the early Solar System; interstellar inheritance and processing in the solar protoplanetary disk.


18.12. Frank Sohl (DLR): The Moon on Earth: The ROBEX 2017 Lunar Analogue Mission on Mt. Etna.

27.12. - 01.01. No seminar (winter break)

08.01. Dennis Vanderliek (FUB Geochemistry): Impact-Generated Zircon and the History of Lunar Breccia 67955.

Elisabeth Fürst (FUB): What was the structure of parent bodies of undifferentiated meteorites?

15.01. Dominik Loroch (WWU Mineralogy): Building your own Planet, an experimental approach.

22.01. Yue Zhao (Vrije Universität Amsterdam): Dynamics of crystallizing magma oceans.

29.01. Jinia Sikdar (FUB Geochemistry): Si and Fe isotopic evolution of planetary materials.

05.02. Lena Noack (FUB Geochemistry): The influence of planet composition and mantle mineralogy on the evolution of Earth and other rocky planets.

12.02. Gianluigi Ortenzi (DLR) / Csilla Orgel (FUB Planetology): Geologic map of the Apollo Basin: Implications for stratigraphy, absolute model age and future landing site.